Math 535 Measure Theory
and Integration
Fall 2006

  • Text: H. L. Royden, Real Analysis,
    3rd edition.
  • Instructor: Barbara Kaskosz
    Office: Tyler 218, 874-4445,
    Office hours: W 9-10, F 9-11.

Final Exam: Thursday, December 21,
7 pm - 10 pm, Tyler 106.

Click the image to display a Cantor function plotter.

Current Downloads

Tips for the final: Tips for Exam 1 and Tips for Exam 2 posted previously apply. The Final will also include the part of the material covered after the part included in Exam 2 up to Lp spaces (not including Lp spaces.) Study your notes for that part. See you next week!

Tips for Exam 1   Tips for Exam 2    fn converges to f in measure but not a.e. -- an animation (Just for fun.)

Class 23 -- PDF Notes   Class 23 -- Video Part 1   Class 23 -- Video Part 2

Homework 1 -- Selected Solutions   Homework 2 -- Selected Solutions
Homework 3 -- Selected Solutions   Homework 4 -- Selected Solutions  
Homework 5 -- Selected Solutions  

Homework 6 -- Selected Solutions   Homework 7 -- Selected Solutions

Homework 8 -- Selected Solutions   Homework 9 -- Selected Solutions

A proof of the Egoroff Theorem -- Video    A proof of the Egoroff Theorem -- PDF

Description of the Course

In this course, we shall explore the heart of real analysis: Lebesgue measure, the Lebesgue integral, convergence theorems, the classical Banach spaces, and other exciting topics.

Exams and Evaluation

Your grade will be based on exams, homework, and class participation. We shall discuss grading during the first class. We will decide together how many exams to have and how to schedule them. See you in class!


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