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Scenes from the Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics


Math Placement Schedule and Information

Need a permission number for a math course? The Permission Number Waiting List for Spring 2017 is now open.

Assistant Professor in Mathematics starting Fall 2017

Professor Li Wu of our department has won the 2016 College of Arts and Science Student Success Award. Congratulations!

Professor Mustafa Kulenovic of our Department has won the 2015-2016 Maitland P. Simmons Research Award. Congratulations!

Welcome to the Mathematics Department. A degree in Mathematics will serve you well. Many companies in industry and the service sector are interested in graduates who have a degree in Mathematics. While some students complete a Bachelor's Degree and from there, get a job, others continue on to graduate school. The Wall Street Journal Report of 2010 (see link) ranks Mathematics as the 6th best field for jobs. Actuarial science, which is a specialty within Mathematics, is number 1! Students who major in mathematics often double major in education, science, engineering, or computer science. These majors have natural connections. Now that you are convinced that the job prospects are good, let's look at all of the other benefits. If you like math, which you must, or you wouldn't be reading this, our department offers you challenging and inspiring core courses along with higher level courses in several areas that allow you to explore the fascinating world of mathematics. You might be surprised to find that creativity plays a large role in higher-level math. How did Newton come up with his discovery of what is now known as the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus? Let's just say he was a genius with a lot of insight. Major in math and see for yourself!

About the URI Mathematics Department

  • The URI Department of Mathematics teaches over 5,000 students every year, and plays a crucial role in the general education program at URI. Many courses considered essential for students in a wide variety of science and engineering majors are taught by the Department of Mathematics.
  • The department offers the B.S. degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and the B.A. degree in Mathematics. There is also a diverse and flexible graduate program in mathematics, offering the M.S. degree in Mathematics and the Ph.D. degree in Mathematics.
  • Many of our faculty members are world-renowned scientists with vibrant research programs, especially in the areas of Difference Equations, Combinatorics, Numerical Analysis, and Dynamical Systems.
  • We contribute to PK-16 math education in Rhode Island; our faculty members have played a key role working on developing standards used throughout the state. We offer programs for teachers that promote a deep understanding of mathematics.
  • We reach out to the community through initiatives like the annual Calc Bowl, a math competition for high school and college students that brings dozens of competing teams each year to the URI campus.

One of our graduates talks about his experience at URI

Click the image to view a video of Zak Kudlak, who graduated from our Department with a Ph.D. in Mathematics in Spring 2010. Zak talks about his experiences at URI as an undergraduate and as a graduate student. Contact Professor James Baglama, Department Chair, 401.874.2709, for more information about our degree programs.