URI Math Placement – ALEKS PPL

URI uses ALEKS PPL for math placement! ALEKS, an adaptive learning platform, employs machine learning to determine the strengths and weaknesses of students.

Is there a deadline to take the Placement Test? For the Fall 2024 incoming freshmen the deadline is September 4, 2024. You may want to take the test much sooner to be able to register for the classes of your choice. You are encouraged to take at least two attempts of the test before you talk to your advisor during Freshmen Orientation in June.

Who must take the ALEKS PPL Test? All incoming students who wish to take MTH math or BAI Business Courses at URI.

Be honest. If you cheat on the Placement Test, you are only cheating yourself. You risk ending up in the wrong course, failing the course, and delaying your graduation.

Is Preparing for the ALEKS Placement Test Necessary? Not Initially. Upon your initial attempt, ALEKS employs a diagnostic approach to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses and prepares targeted prep modules for you. You are required to work at least 5 hours on the modules before your second attempt.

Can I retake the ALEKS PPL Test? Yes, you may take the test up to 5 times. However, to make each attempt worthwhile, you will have to spend at least 5 hours working on your ALEKS Prep and Learning Module before taking the test again. You will also need to wait 24 hours before attempting the test again.

What is the purpose of placement testing? The Placement Test results will be used to determine the most appropriate courses for you as you move forward with your college coursework. After taking the Placement Test, you should meet with your advisor to review your results and enroll in the most appropriate classes based on your scores.