You are Invited to the 14th Annual URI Calc-Bowl!

The URI Calc-Bowl is back in Spring 2024. Calc-Bowl is a lively playoff competition between teams to test the teams’ math knowledge. Pre-calculus and calculus questions are presented in multiple-choice format.

There will be 10-12 teams consisting of three to five members. One multiple-choice problem will be presented at a time. The first team to buzz in gets to answer the problem. There will be several rounds of play and a final playoff round for first place. Go to the Calc-Bowl page to register:

Calc-Bowl 2024 Webpage


Date: Thursday, April 4th.
Time: 3:00pm-5:30pm.
Location: URI Kingston Campus. Chafee Social Science Center Room 271.

We look forward to seeing you there 🙂