Welcome to our New Math Majors!

It was an eventful and exciting day on Tuesday, September 5: “Start Your Success in A&S”. After a gathering and presentations in Edwards Auditorium for all incoming Arts and Sciences freshmen, students broke out by major and met around tables set up at the Quad. The new Math Majors were greeted by the Advising Coordinator at the Math Department, Professor Nancy Eaton, and the Department Chair, Barbara Kaskosz. Two of our senior Math Majors Erik Slader and Tommy Buston joined us as well. Our new Majors told us what attracted them to mathematics. We shared stories and talked about the exciting career opportunities awaiting math majors.

After a while we escaped the heat of the day and walked to cool and pretty Lippitt Hall – the home of the Math Department. We took pictures in front of Lippitt next to a sculpture called “Torsion” inspired by mathematical surfaces. Our new Majors had a lot of questions which we tried to answer to the best of our ability. A great time was had by all!