Math 436 Introduction to Mathematical
Analysis II -- Spring 2006

  • Text: Russell A. Gordon, Real Analysis -- A First Course, 2nd edition.
  • Instructor: Barbara Kaskosz,,
    office: Tyler 218, office hours: MW 12:30-2,
    phone: 874-4445.

Final Exam: Thursday, 05/11, 7 pm - 10 pm, Tyler 106.  Tips are posted below!

     Click the image to display sequences and series of functions grapher.

Current Downloads

If you need a permission number for MTH 535, email me.

Tips for the final will be posted soon.

Tips for Exam 1    Tips for Exam 2    Tips for the Final Exam

Homework 1-Solutions   Homework 2-Solutions   Homework 3-Solutions   Homework 4-Solutions
Homework 5-Solutions   Homework 6-Solutions

A Couple of Useful Mathlets

Since we are about to study sequences and series of functions and series of constants you may find the following mathlets useful:

Sequences and Series of Functions   Sequences and Series of Plotter

Description of the Course

The course is a continuation of MTH 435. We will pick up where we left off last semester and study the Riemann integral, sequences of functions, series of constants and series of functions, and other fascinating topics. Similarly as last semester, the emphasis is going to be on precision and proofs.

Math 435 Fall 2005

Exams and Evaluation

We are going to have many homework assignments and two evening exams during the semester. We will decide how to schedule the exams in class. We are going to have a comprehensive, three hour final exam during the final exam period. Your grade will be based on 500 points distributed as follows:

  • Exam 1 -- 100 points
  • Exam 2 -- 100 points
  • Final -- 200 points
  • Homework -- 100 points


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