Math 435 Introduction to Mathematical
Analysis I -- Fall 2005

  • Text: Russell A. Gordon, Real Analysis -- A First Course, 2nd edition.
  • Instructor: Barbara Kaskosz,,
    office: Tyler 218, office hours: F 3-6,
    phone: 874-4445.

Final Exam: Wednesday, December 21, 7 pm - 10 pm. Room: Tyler 106.

Click the image to display a sequence plotter.  

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Tips for the Final are posted. Solutions to Homework 10 are posted.

Tips for Exam 1    Tips for Exam 2    Tips for the Final Exam

Description of the Course

We are going to have a lot of fun in this course and in its sequel MTH 436! We will explore together the central concepts of calculus: the limit, the derivative, the integral, sequences and series, and others. We shall learn what these concepts really mean and how to prove theorems involving them. We shall learn how to read and write definitions, theorems, and proofs.

Exams and Evaluation

Your grade will be based on exams, homework, and class participation. We shall discuss grading during the first class. We will decide together how many exams to have and how to schedule them. See you in class!


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