MTH 435 Fall 05 -- Tips for Exam 1

Exam 1 is scheduled on Friday, October 14, 3-5, in Tyler 106.

Exam 1 covers classes 1-9 and homework assignments 1-4. You are expected to know and be able to state all definitions, propositions, and theorems given in class as well as their proofs. You are expected to know solutions to all homework problems. Some problems on the exam may be very similar to homework problems.

Expect problems of the type:

-- Problem. (a) State the theorem about the density of rationals. (b) Prove the theorem.
-- Problem. (a) Define convergence of a sequence. (b) Prove that every convergent sequence is bounded.
-- Problem. (a) Define the supremum and the infimum. (b) Give an example of a set such that sup A = inf A.

These are only examples of the types of problems you should expect. Make sure you study thoroughly class 9; it is full of little proofs perfect for an exam. Don't forget about logic and Homework 1. It's going to appear as well. I hope you all get As!