Math 243 Multivariable Calculus
Section 2 Fall 2004

  • Text: McCallum,Hughes-Hallett, et. al., Multivariable Calculus, Third Edition.
  • Calculators: A graphing calculator is required.
  • Instructor: Barbara Kaskosz, Tyler 218, 874.4445,

Final Exam: Wednesday, Dec 22, 8-11 am,
Tyler 106.

Click the picture for a 3D grapher.

Calendar and Syllabus

Current Downloads, Available Help

Tips for the final and solutions to Exam II and III are posted posted:

     Practice Test I    Practice Test II    A Few Solutions to Practice Test II (PDF 169 KB)

     Practice Test III     Tips for the Final     Exam II - Solutions     Exam III - Solutions

Solutions for Exam II were not meant for posting. (I wrote them for myself while grading.) I hope though that they are clear enough to be helpful.

There is plenty of help available: your instructor's office hours, tutoring at the Academic Enhancement Center and at Tyler Hall. Click on the first link below for the current schedule:

Fall 2004 Tutoring Schedule    Instructors' Office Hours    Math Department Home Page

THE ACADEMIC ENHANCEMENT CENTER: The work in this course can be difficult.  You can seek help at the Academic Enhancement Center (AEC) in Roosevelt Hall.  AEC tutors can answer questions, clarify concepts, check your understanding, and help you to study. You can make an appointment or walk in anytime Mon-Thur 10 AM to 10 PM, Fri 10 AM to 1 PM, Sun 4 PM - 8 PM. For a complete schedule go to, call (401) 874-2367, or stop by the fourth floor in Roosevelt Hall.

The following 3D Grapher may be helpful to you in visualizing graphs of functions of two variables. It has simpler syntax than Maple:

     3D Function Grapher

Exams and Evaluation

There will be three exams given in the evenings on the weeks indicated in the syllabus. The exact times and locations will be announced in class on on this page. The final exam will be scheduled during the final exam period. The time and the location will be announced in class and posted on this page.

Your grade will be based upon a possible total of 700 points, as follows:

  • Three common tests at 100 points each -- 300 points,
  • Final exam -- 200 points,
  • Quizzes and Maple assignments -- 200 points.

Maple Worksheets

We will continue our work with Maple in this course. This powerful software is particularly useful in multivariable calculus to visualize graphs and surfaces in three dimensions. Below are links to Maple worksheets for MTH 243. Your instructor will give you assignments based on the worksheets. You may find it useful to look at all of them. To open the worksheets you need a copy of Maple on the machine you are working on. Maple is available in all URI computer labs. You may purchase a student copy to install on your personal computer. If you are using Maple 9 (for example, at one of the URI labs), let Maple 9 translate the worksheets into Maple 9 format.

Download "Graphs of Functions of Two Variables "(graphs.mws)
Download "Contour Diagrams" (contours.mws)
Download "Partial Derivatives and Tangent Planes" (tangent.mws)
Download "Gradients, Directional Derivatives and Rates of Change" (gradients.mws)
Download "Double Integrals" (doubint7.mws)
Download "Parametric Curves and Surfaces" (parsur.mws)
Download "Graphics Showcase" (show.mws)

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