William Kinnersley


Dr. Kinnersley has been a member of the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematical Sciences at URI for seven years.  He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he received a PhD in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Computer Science.  He has published 24 peer-reviewed papers and has given numerous talks at national and international conferences.  His research primarily focuses on graph-theoretic models of pursuit and evasion, but he has also written papers on a variety of games played on graphs, including games based on graph domination and Ramsey theory; in addition, he is interested in the computational complexity of determining graph parameters. Since joining URI, he has supervised one PhD student and five master’s students.  He currently serves as the course coordinator for Calculus 2 and regularly teaches a variety of lower-level courses, along with upper-level undergraduate courses in discrete mathematics and probability.

William Kinnersley CV