Laura Barnes

  • Associate Teaching Professor
  • Mathematical Foundations
  • Phone: 401.874.2808
  • Email:
  • Office Location: Lippitt Hall 101A


Laura Barnes, an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematical Sciences, has taught at URI for eight years.  During this time, Laura has predominantly taught Pre-Calculus, Applied Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Applied Calculus.  She served for 6 years as Coordinator for Pre-Calculus curriculum and several years as coordinator for Pre-Calculus in the High Schools dual enrollment program.  She frequently represents the department at State Level Mathematics committees and has served on several Arts & Sciences College committees.  Laura also created and taught the Algebra/Pre-Calculus co-requisite course for Engineering students.  She has earned grants to improve the Pre-Calculus curriculum including using open-source texts and presented results at various conferences including MAA.

Prior to coming to URI, Laura was an adjunct professor for many mathematics, engineering and business departments while working full-time in industry.  Her industry background includes Defense (Naval War College), Scientific Research (GTRI), Investment Management Research (Cutter), and Technology (Bank of America, Columbia Management Group).  She has authored numerous articles including ‘Enterprise Architecture’, ‘Data Management Strategy’, ‘Data Warehouse Products and Practices, ‘Modeling in the Naval Warfare Gaming System’, ‘Command and Control Data Base Specification’, ‘Integrated Communications Jamming Analysis Model Program’, ‘The Differential Geometry of Curved Spacetime’ and ‘Software Fault Tolerance and Architecture Reliability in Distributed Data Processing Systems’.

Laura uses her broad industry background to help students see the connection to math and real problems, to help students develop critical thinking skills and to help students prepare for careers after college.

Laura Barnes CV