James Baglama


James Baglama, Ph.D., an applied mathematics professor at the University of Rhode Island, has more than 30 years of experience working in academic settings and has served as the chair of the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematical Sciences from 2014 to 2023. He has published in the areas of numerical linear algebra, biomathematics, and scientific computing, most notably developing algorithms for singular value decomposition, used in diverse applications (e.g., Big Data). He has published numerous computer software codes, one of which is used in MatLab (svds.m). The free version of this code, written in R, has been downloaded over 3.0M times. He teaches linear algebra and general education courses, as well as graduate-level numerical linear algebra. He has mentored students in the Ph.D. level Applied Mathematics track who work in diverse fields (e.g., U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development). He has served on numerous university-wide committees (e.g., General Education, Curriculum Affairs) and has won awards for online course design and administration.

James Baglama CV