Barbara Kaskosz


Barbara Kaskosz is a Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematical Sciences at the University of Rhode Island.  She earned her M.S. in Mathematics at the University of Warsaw and her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

She joined the faculty of the URI Mathematics Department over thirty years ago. Over the years, she has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses and developed some of the most popular courses offered by the department. Among them is MTH 103: Applied Precalculus which she designed, coordinates, and for which she recently co-authored an open-access textbook.

Barbara Kaskosz’s research focused initially in the area of control theory. She published numerous papers in non-smooth control theory and differential inclusions. More recently, her research interests shifted to mathematics pedagogy, in particular, technology in teaching mathematics. In both areas of research she received external funding, including three grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Currently, Barbara Kaskosz serves on the URI Faculty Senate as a senator and as a member of CASC – Curriculum and Standards Committee.

Barbara is passionate about mountains and hikes every summer in the Polish Tatras or in the Rockies.

Barbara Kaskosz CV