Araceli Medina-Bonifant


Araceli Bonifant, Ph.D. is a professor of mathematics at the University of Rhode Island. Her research is in the field of Holomorphic Dynamical Systems in one and higher dimensions, but she is also interested in solving problems with a more geometric, algebraic or topological flavor. She has published 11 papers in this area in prestigious mathematical journals. She has edited 3 books, 2 of them have been published by the American Mathematical Society and one by Princeton University Press. She has co-organized 11 very successful conferences in Complex Dynamics both, nationally and internationally (7 big ones and 4 smaller ones), some of them with over 100 participants. She has received conference grants to fund all of them. She has given about 60 presentations about her work both, nationally and internationally. She teaches courses at both undergraduate and graduate level, all related to pure mathematics. She has mentored students at the PhD level in mathematics and at the master’s level. She served in the Arts & Sciences Curriculum Committee for about 8 years. She is a member of several committees at Departmental level.

Araceli Bonifant CV