University of Rhode Island MTH316: Algebra
Fall 2015

General Information

Instructor: Tom Sharland
email: tsharland "at" uri "dot" edu
Lectures: TTH 9.30-10.45, Tyler 109
Office: Lippitt Hall 200A
Office hours: Monday 2-3, Wednesday 2-3, Thursday 3-4

Course description: This is an introductory course in abstract algebra, focusing mainly on group theory and ring theory. Starting from the definitions, we will prove a number of fundamental results about these algebraic structures. There will be an emphasis on proofs in this course, so some mathematical maturity will be expected.

This course will be relatively fast-paced, so in order to keep up with the material, you should be prepared to spend sufficient time outside of class attempting practice problems and reading and understanding your notes.

Textbook: Contemporary Abstract Algebra (8th ed.) by Joseph A. Gallian.

Prerequisites: MTH 215 and MTH 307.

Homework and Quizzes: Homework will be assigned weekly but will not be collected or graded. However, there will be weekly quizzes which may have problems related to the homework, so you are encouraged to attempt the assigned problems (and more!) - there will be no make-up quizzes without documented evidence as to why the quiz was missed.

Midterm in class on 11/05. No notes/calculators allowed.