Introduction to Finite Mathematics
Spring 2007 section 11
MWF 3:00-3:50 Washburn Hall 111
The University of Rhode Island
Instructor:  Dr. Glenn Faubert
Office:  Tyler 102A
Office hours: Th 8:30-noon, Fr 4-5.
email:  gfaubert@math.uri.edu

Course Description and Expectations:
    This course will focus on concepts and processes of modern mathematics concerned with sets, the theory of probability, and statistics with the goal of introducing the role of these concepts in today’s social and physical sciences. This section (11) will also cover some mathematical applications to political science and/or management science, time permitting.  MTH107 satisfies the university's General Education requirements in Mathematical and Quantitative ReasoningIt is not intended for students going further in mathematics.
     You should be prepared to spend an average of six hours each week outside of lecture on this class. You are expected to arrive at every lecture on time and to hand in all assignments on time. While in class you should be respectful of the instructor and your classmates at all times. Cell phone interuptions are discourteous and constitute a disruption. They are to be kept on silent and out of sight during class. This is a college math class so most of you will have to work hard to keep up. Hard work involves spending hours outside of class hammering away at the exercises. If you cannot do the exercises, then you cannot pass the exams. The doing of the exercises is where most of the learning happens. Realistically, it is understood that few people who take MTH107 do so for their pure love of mathematics. This is a requirement outside of the intended major. Still, a positive attitude can only help the learning experience for everyone. Come to class each day with your notebook, pen, calculator, text, an open mind, and well rested body and you just might get a peek at what many people find so intriguing about mathematics.

The text for the course is:  Mathematics, A Practical Odyssey, sixth edition, by Johnson and Mowry. Thomson Learning Inc. 2007.

Students are expected to have a basic calculator and to be familiar with its use. Calculators will be allowed on exams. Calculator sharing will not be allowed during exams. Calculators with basic probability and statistics keys may be helpful but are not required.

Students who require special accommodations and who have documentation from Disability Services (874-2098) should make arrangements with course instructor as soon as possible.

Final: 5/10, 7-10p in class.