Mon 2/05:  Your topics for the paper are due in my email inbox by Mon Feb 5 11:59pm.  Hand in a paper copy of the approved topic with five sources including at least two non-web sources on  Friday Feb 9 in class. This will count as 10% of the paper grade. The non-web sources are to be books or articles available at URI library or through inter-library loan, not encyclopedia articles. (See policy for penalty on late assignments.)  Note that the due date for the finished paper has been pushed back to the week after break.
Tue 2/06:  Some of you have not sent me your paper topics for approval. You are late. If you have not done so then maybe it is time to move?  Remember, your first choice may not be approved so it may take several days for approval.  Topic proposals sent after 4:00 pm on Thursday 2/08 will not get a reply until after class on Friday and so it will not be possible to approve them before the due date for the hard copy. Late penalties apply.
See the text for the definition of the odds of an event o(E) so you can answer all the questions from 3.2 or wait until Wednesday's class when odds will be covered.
Wed 2/14:  We will cover text section 3.4 this Friday. There will be no class on Mon 2/19.  A take home assignment will be handed out on Wed 2/21 due Fri 2/23.  All hard copies of your topic with sources should be in by now.
Thur 2/15:  Reminder: The 1-2 page outline of your paper is due on Mon 2/26.  This should include all the main mathematical points or ideas you plan on including in your paper. Do not include any biographical information in this outline.
Mon 2/19A practice test is now available from the first page. Click TOP then Practice Test.  The practice test will be graded as homework. It is due in class on the day of the test. You can download from here or get a hard copy from me in class on Wednesday.
Tue 3/27  Don't forget, your completed paper is due this Friday 3/30 in class.  Late penalties apply. See outline page for policy on late assignments.
Wed 3/28 Test #2 will be held in class Friday April 6.  Bring Calculator (no calculator sharing) and normal distribution table to exam. The table can be found on page A-33 of our text.
Wed 4/18  The emphasis in 6.2 will be on Hamilton's method and the Hill-Huntington method of apportionment.
Fri 4/27  The final exam will be given in the time slot provided by the University: Thursday May 10, 7-10pm in our regular classroom.  Our class on Monday April 30 will be a review and is optional. The class will work together on the final homework assignment. The assignment will be available online 4/28 and is due at the final exam.