MTH 131 Applied Calculus I
Spring 2007

  • Text: Hughes-Hallett, et. al., 3rd edition, Applied Calculus.
  • Calculators: A graphing calculator is required.


Final:  Tuesday, May 8, 11:30-2:30, BISC AUD. Tips for the Final are posted below.

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Practice Exams, Available Help

Practice Test III is posted. Tips for the Final will be posted soon.

Practice Test I    Practice Test II    Practice Test III    Tips for the Final

There is plenty of help available: your instructor's office hours, tutoring at the Academic Enhancement Center and at Tyler Hall. For schedules and other useful information click the following links:

Spring 2007 Tutoring Schedule    Instructors' Contact Info    Math Department Home Page

THE ACADEMIC ENHANCEMENT CENTER: The work in this course can be difficult.  You can seek help at the Academic Enhancement Center (AEC) in Roosevelt Hall.  AEC tutors can answer questions, clarify concepts, check your understanding, and help you to study. You can make an appointment or walk in anytime Mon-Thur 10 AM to 10 PM, Fri 10 AM to 1 PM, Sun 4 PM - 8 PM. For a complete schedule go to, call (401) 874-2367, or stop by the fourth floor in Roosevelt Hall.


Technology will play an important role in this course and we will make extensive use of graphing calculators. Be sure to bring your graphing calculator to each class and to every exam. The applets below may help you to understand some of the material.

Description of the Course

MTH 131 is a calculus course primarily intended for students in life or social sciences, such as biology, pharmacy, and economics. Much emphasis will be placed on the practical interpretation of calculus in numerical, graphical, and algebraic terms. The main topics of the course are functions, differentiation, integration and applications.

Exams and Evaluation

There will be three exams given in the evenings common to all sections. The exams are scheduled as follows: Exam 1, Feb 22, 6-7:30 pm in Biosciences Auditorium; Exam 2, Mar 29, 6-7:30 pm in Biosciences Auditorium; Exam 3, Apr 25, 6-7:30 pm in Biosciences Auditorium; The final exam is common for all sections and it is scheduled for May 8, 11:30-2:30 at BISC AUD.

Your grade will be based upon a possible total of 600 points, as follows:

  • Three common tests at 100 points each -- 300 points,
  • Final exam -- 200 points,
  • Quizzes and work assigned by your instructor -- 100 points.

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