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On this page we provide links to the materials authored by Barbara Kaskosz of the University of Rhode Island and Doug Ensley of Shippensburg University. Those materials are addressed to Flash developers in ActionScript 3.0 and ActionScript 2.0. If you are interested in Flash development, you will find links on this page useful. If you are looking for ready to use applets, go to applets' new home at Flash and Math. You will also find a list of mathlets at the For Students and Instructors part of this site.

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Since the release of Flash MX 2004 and ActionScript 2.0 - a powerful programming language of Flash - then Flash CS3 and now Flash CS4 with faster and more elegant ActionScript 3.0, educators gained a new and versatile tool for creating highly interactive, most sophisticated, web-based teaching materials. See Advantages of Flash

Thanks to the sponsorship from the National Science Foundation and the Mathematical Association of America, we have established a forum and a resource center for educators interested in Flash development at the Loci Resources of the Mathematical Sciences Digital Library -- MathDL:

MathDL Flash Forum.

Be sure to visit both. Contribute and publish your work there.

ActionScript 3 Tutorials

Check out a new and growing collection of ActionScript 3.0, Flash CS3 and soon Flash CS4 materials at our site Flash and Math:

   Flash and Math - a new home of Flash math applets and ActionScript 3 tutorials.

If you are looking for ActionScript 2 tutorials, visit our site:  MathDL Flash Forum Learning Center.

Developement Articles at the MathDL Flash Forum

Below are links to articles by Barbara Kaskosz and Doug Ensley published in MathDL Flash Forum. In these articles, we provide custom classes, including mathematical expressions parser, and easily customizable templates with complete source code. We hope the materials in the atricles will help you create your own Flash applications.

     ActionScript 3.0 / Flash CS3

     ActionScript 2.0 / Flash 8

Recent Workshops and Presentations

Recent workshops and presentations on developing Flash materials for mathematics and sciences. Email bkaskosz at math.uri.edu if you'd like us to send you workshop materials.

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