This site complements the MathDL Flash Forum. Flash Forum articles provide source code, a growing library of custom ActionScript classes, and PDF guides on using the Forum classes. This site offers Flash tutorials, ranging from basic to advanced. Each tutorial contains a fla file and a pdf guide. Many tutorials have instructional videos that walk you step-by-step through Flash's authoring environment and ActionScript programming.

If you are working with Flash 8 or with Flash CS3 but decided to continue development in ActionScript 2.0, click the AS2 tab at the top of this page. If you are working with Flash CS3 and decided to harness the power of the new and powerful version of ActionScript, ActionScript 3, click on the AS3 tab. Since our collection of ActionScript 3 and Flash CS3 materials is growing fast, we have established a dedicated site to post those materials: You will find there tutorials, tips, and examples designed to help you with ActionScript 3 and Flash CS3 development. AS3 is up to ten times faster than AS2. It is elegant and fully object-oriented.

Most of the applets and all video tutorials on this site require Flash Player 8 or higher. All AS3 tutorials require Flash Player 9 or higher. Download the latest version of Flash Player from the Adobe site.

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