Tom Sharland

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email: tsharland at uri dot edu
Office: 202F, Lippitt Hall
Phone: (401)-874-2314

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Rhode Island. Starting Fall (autumn) 2018, I am also the Graduate Director of Mathematics at URI.
I was previously a Milnor lecturer at Stony Brook University.

My research is mainly focused on one-dimensional holomorphic dynamics, in particular Thurston equivalence of rational maps, matings of polynomials and the study of spaces of rational maps. I am also interested in related subjects, such as Teichmüller theory, Riemann surface theory and topological dynamics.

Araceli Bonifant and I have set up a Dynamics seminar at URI. Here is the web page for the dynamics group.



I am also investigating combinatorial invariants of (bicritical) rational maps, and studying slices of the parameter space of cubic rational maps.
My thesis which I completed at the Mathematics Institute at the University of Warwick. My advisor was Adam Epstein.

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In Spring 2023, I am teaching MTH 316: Algebra and MTH 243: Calculus in several variables. My office hours are all in Lippitt 202F at the following times:

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