My Students

Ph.D. students

Michael Krul         University of Rhode Island, 2013         Hypergraph colorings, commutative algebra, and Groebner bases
Zachary Kudlak         University of Rhode Island, 2010         Problems in generalized graph colorings

Master's papers (mth591/592)

Addie Armstrong         Fall 2011         The Ramsey Number of a Triple of Long Cycles
Michael Krul         Spring 2010         Zero-Sum Subsequences in Abelian Groups
Elizabeth Glatt         Spring 2007         Modular Frankl-Wilson theorem: prime and not-prime moduli
Zachary Kudlak         Spring 2006         Crossing numbers of products of cycles
Regina Varon         Spring 2006         Game chromatic number of graphs
Sybil Ingalls         Spring 2006         Pebbling number of graphs

Senior honors projects (hpr401/402)

Ryan Geib         Do Metabolic Networks Follow a Power Law? A PSAMM Analysis. (with Ying Zhang, CELLS)         Spring 2019
Frank Palladino         Analytic Number Theory         Fall 2006, Spring 2007
Shad Ahmed         Number theory and cryptography         Summer 2004

Undergraduate projects

Alex Geremia         mth391 Predicting bond price sensitivity due to changes in interest rates       Spring 2015
Kristopher Attwood         mth391 Coding and Information Theory   (Introduction to Cyclic Codes)       Fall 2004