O.M.'s software

MultidiskOptimization is a package written in Mathematica.  To download click on MultidiskOptimization_0.3.zip
The package has two main programs, MultidiskOPT and AnalyticMatrixSpectralFactor.

MultidiskOPT is an experimental software for doing optimization over functions analytic on the unit disk.
The class of problems that can be treated is large and  includes matrix mixed-sensitivity problems that
appear in frequency domain H-infinity control settings.

Given a continuous positive definite matrix valued function G on the unit circle, AnalyticMatrixSpectralFactor
finds a matrix valued function F analytic on the unit disk such that  G = F^* F. 
AnalyticMatrixSpectralFactor can also find spectral factors of low-rank positive semidefinite matrix valued functions on the circle.

Dynamica is a package for the study of Discrete Dynamical Systems and Difference Equations. To get it, follow this link.

The authors of MultidiskOPT are J.W. Helton and O. Merino.  The author of AnalyticMatrixSpectralFactor is O. Merino.
The authors of Dynamica are M. Kulenovic and O. Merino.