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Math 111 Precalculus


Welcome to the syllabus for Math 111 Spring 2020.


The math department expects that you will give this course 12-14 hours per week of your undivided attention, in addition to class time.

The key to success in this course is the problem material. It is very important that you try all the assigned problems listed on the syllabus and do all of the WeBWork problems. The problems chosen for each textbook section indicate what we feel is important in that section and which ideas and skills you should focus on. Also, an important part of this course is strengthening your algebra skills and using them in new ways. Much of your success in precalculus depends on your grasp of basic algebra -- be prepared to review basic algebra and seek help as needed.
Date Posted Message
4/28/2020 The MTH111 final exam will be available from Thursday, April 30 at 7 pm to Friday, May 8 at 5 pm. It is cumulative, consisting of 40 multiple choice questions. You will have 3 hours to complete this exam but in only one sesson. There will be no makeups so please contact your instructor if you cannot take the exam during this 8 day window. Please see the Sakai announcement sent out on April 27 for more details.
4/15/2020 Exam 3 Part 1 will be given through Sakaki and will cover Chapters 5 and 7. The instructions were sent out in a Sakai announcement yesterday. Exam 3 Part 2 will be given online at the end of next week (in the same manner as Exam 2 Part 2) and will cover Chapters 5, 6 and 7. Look for a Sakai announcement early next week.
3/31/2020 Additional Sakai chat tutoring hours have been added. Please see the Sakai announcement for details or go to the Tutoring/Resources tab below.
3/26/2020 Exam 2 Part 2 will be available online beginning at 8:00 pm tonight for all classes and will cover all of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 (including 3.7) plus the unit on Polynomial and Rational Inequalities. Please see the Sakai announcement for details.
03/20/2020 IMPORTANT UPDATE! Remote Learning starts Monday, March 23. Here is the link to the Plan. Please read and review and send your questions to your instructor. Also, the Tutoring/Resources tab has been updated with additional resources. Remote Learning
3/2/2020 Exam 2 Part 1 will be given on 3/5 for TH classes or 3/6 for MWF classes and will cover the material in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 up to and including 3.6. Exam 2 Part 2 will be given after Spring Break on 3/20 at 6:00 pm for all classes and will cover all of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 (including 3.7) plus the unit on Polynomial and Rational Inequalities.
2/10/2020 Exam 1 Part 1 will be given on 2/13 for T, H classes or 2/14 for MWF classes and will cover the material in Chapter 1. Exam 1 Part 2 will be given on Thursday evening, 2/20, from 6 - 7:30 pm in Beaupre 100 for all classes and will include material from Chapter 1.
1/21/20 The Diagnostic Test will be given on the first day of class for the TH classes and the second day of class for MWF classes. This test allows students to understand their level of pre-requisite skills. You must score a 70% or above to pass and receive 50 points towards your final grade. If you receive a score less than 70%, or you don't take the exam, you will be enrolled in the CAE (College Algebra Enhancement) Project in which you will have the opportunity to earn these points back.
1/21/20 The first day of class is Wednesday, January 22, 2020! Our textbook is available as a link on this page - don't buy one!
Welcome to Precalculus for Spring 2020!

This website is the course syllabus. Pre-Calculus is a coordinated course with common evening exams. This course is designed for students who need to strengthen their background in mathematics before taking Calculus. Earning a C- or better in MTH 111 is a prerequisite requirement for both MTH131 and MTH 141. Please use this course website to familiarize yourself with the policies, procedures and components for this course. If you have any quetions, please consult your instructor.

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This course uses an online text book. Please click the image to view your textbook.

Precalculus textbook


Course Schedule

Course Schedule (MWF) Course Schedule (TH)

Withdrawals requested after the drop date are generally not granted and are approved only for unusually exceptional circumstances. Late withdrawals are not granted due to failing grades, GPA concerns, changes to major, and so on. Students must provide full documentation supporting these circumstances. Requests for late drops must be made before the last day of class. Instructors are not required to approve a late withdrawal request.

According to the University Manual section​ ​8.51.11​ :

Students who plan to be absent from classes or examinations for religious holy days that traditionally preclude secular activity (​see 6.20.11​ for how such information is made available) shall discuss this with the appropriate instructor(s) in advance of the holy day. The instructor(s) shall then make one of the following options available: a. the same quiz, test, or examination to be administered either before or after the normally scheduled time; b. a comparable alternative quiz, test, or examination to be administered either before or after the scheduled time; c. an alternative weighting of the remaining evaluative components of the course which is mutually acceptable to the student and instructor(s).

According to the University Manual section​ ​ 8.51.12:

Students who expect to be absent from classes or examinations for University sanctioned events shall discuss this with the appropriate instructor(s) at least one week in advance of the sanctioned event(s). The instructor(s) concerned shall then offer the student an alternative listed in section 8.51.11. For these purposes, University-sanctioned events shall be those events approved for class excuses by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, a Vice President, a Dean, or the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. No event shall be regarded as University sanctioned until the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs has been notified. Disagreements over the validity of an event being categorized as University sanctioned shall be mediated by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. If agreement cannot be reached, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs shall decide the matter and that decision shall be final.


Exam part 1
(In class)
In class Exam 1 Part 1 for TH classes 02/13

for MWF classes 02/14
In class Exam 2 Part 1 for TH classes 03/05

for MWF classes 03/06
In class Exam 3 Part 1 for TH classes 04/09

for MWF classes 04/10

The questions are not multiple choice but test concepts similar to the multiple choice evening exam questions. This does NOT replace or add points to your exam grade. These points are separate from your exam points and are REQUIRED points.

*** Put these dates in your calendar! ***

There will be three common evening exams and a common final exam this semester.

Exam Part 2 (Evenings) Time/Date Location by Section Numer
Exam 1 Part 2 6:00pm - 7:30pm Thursday February 20 All sections, Beaupre 100
Exam 2 Part 2 6:00pm - 7:30pm Thursday March 19 All sections, Beaupre 100
Exam 3 Part 2 6:00pm - 7:30pm Thursday April 16 All sections, Beaupre 100
Final Exam TBD TBD

*** Put these dates in your calendar! ***

The following policies apply to all exams, and no exceptions will be made.
  • You must have a URI Photo ID with you to take an exam, and show it to the proctor as you hand in your exam.
  • No books, bags, papers, extra scrap paper, or anything else may be taken with you to your seat. If you bring any of these items with you, you must leave them at the front of the room. If you have them with you in your seat, it is considered cheating.
  • No cellphones, smart watches, smart fitness bands, or any electronic devices of any kind may be used or even accessible to you at any time during the exam. Any student found with any cell phone or electronic device for ANY REASON during an exam is cheating.
  • The consequence for cheating is a receiving a zero on the exam.
  • If you wear a hat with a brim, it must be turned around.
  • Food and drinks are generally not allowed in the exam room.
  • Be certain to follow directions on filling out the exam and the scantron sheets. Failure to fill them out correctly results in your exam not being graded.
  • You may not ask any questions during the exam; understanding the questions is a part of the exam. If you think there is a typo or error, do the best that you can with the given information.
  • You may not leave the room during the exam. Remember to use the bathroom before the exam. If you leave the room for any reason, your exam will be collected.
  • Once finished, you must hand your exam to a proctor (your instructor, if in the room) and show your URI photo ID.
  • You are advised to bring multiple pencils to the exams, just in case. Do NOT use a pen.
The following policies apply to all Make-up assessments, and no exceptions will be made.
  • Makeup assessments may be scheduled in the event you are unable to attend class or evening assessments under the following conditions. Note in particular that if you must miss the assessment because of a scheduling conflict, you must notify your instructor before, not after, the assessment, and emergencencies require you to contact your instructor within 24 hours.
  • If your reason for missing the assessment is:
    • (i) a University santioned event for which verifiable documentation can be provided (including another scheduled class), or
    • (ii) a responsibility to an employer that cannot be rescheduled (with documentation from your employer), then you MUST INFORM YOUR INSTRUCTOR 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF THE EXAM AND PROVIDE DOCUMENTATION.
    Such events are scheduled in advance, so you must provide advanced notice to your instructor in order to have a makeup assessment. Failure to provide this advanced notice will result in a grade of 0 for the assessment. No exceptions. Makeup assessments must be scheduled after the actual assessment, and preferably before the class period when assessments are to be handed back, but no later than two class days (excluding weekends and holidays) after the actual assessments.
  • If the reason for missing the assessment is due to:
    • (i) illness (with verifiable documentation from a medical provider), or
    • (ii) an emergency (with appropriate documentation), then you MUST INFORM YOUR INSTRUCTOR WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE ASSESSMENT and provide documentation upon your return.
    Failure to notify your instructor within 24 hours will result in a 0 for the assessment. No exceptions. Makeup assessment may be scheduled no later than two class days (excluding weekends and holidays) after the actual assessment, unless the illness or emergency precludes this, in which case the makeup assessment will be given on a common date during the last few weeks of the semester.
  • If your circumstances do not meet either of the above (no documentation, a non-emergency excuse without sufficient notice, etc.), then you will receive a zero for the missed assessment. No exceptions.

According to the University's Student Manual:

Students are expected to be honest in all academic work. A student's name on any written work, quiz or exam shall be regarded as assurance that the work is the result of the student's own independent thought and study. Work should be stated in the student's own words, properly attributed to its source. Students have an obligation to know how to quote, paraphrase, summarize, cite and reference the work of others with integrity. The following are examples of academic dishonesty:

  • Using material, directly or paraphrasing, from published sources (print or electronic) without appropriate citation
  • Claiming disproportionate credit for work not done independently
  • Unauthorized possession or access to exams
  • Unauthorized communication during exams
  • Unauthorized use of another's work or preparing work for another student
  • Taking an exam for another student
  • Altering or attempting to alter grades
  • The use of notes or electronic devices to gain an unauthorized advantage during exams
  • Fabricating or falsifying facts, data or references
  • Facilitating or aiding another’s academic dishonesty
  • Submitting the same paper for more than one course without prior approval from the instructors
Grade Breakdown

Category Points
Exam 1 Part 1 50 points
Exam 1 Part 2 100 points
Exam 2 Part 1 50 points
Exam 2 Part 2 100 points
Exam 3 Part 1 50 points
Exam 3 Part 2 100 points
Final Exam 200 points
Online WebWork Homework 200 points
Classwork - The particular breakdown of classwork points will be given by your instructor. 50 points
Diagnostic Test / CAE Program 50 pts
TOTAL 950 points

To pass with a C- and move on you need 665 points.
Letter Grade Numerical Values
A (92% - 100%)
A- (90% - 91%)
B+ (87% - 89%)
B (82% - 86%)
B- (80% - 81%)
C+ (77% - 79%)
C (72% - 76%)
C- (70% - 71%)
D+ (67% - 69%)
D (60% - 66%)
F (0% - 59%)
Compute Grade -> (your total points)/950 * 100 = your percentage


Text Problems

  • Online homework will be administered using the free system WebWork.
  • Log in at https://webwork.math.uri.edu/webwork2/mth111_spring2020/
    Your username is your URI student ID number, and your default password is the first eight letters your last name in all lowercase letters. Ignore spaces and characters other than letters. Use your entire last name if it contains eight or less letters.
    Some examples:
    Tim Smith, Jr., password: smithjr
    Bob Jones-Smith, password: jonessmi
    John O'Sullivan, password: osulliva
  • Please change your password as soon as you log in. This will be in the upper left menu.
  • All questions about online homework system WeBWork, please email mth111webwork@gmail.com
  • Each weekly assignment opens on Monday at 12:01am and is due 10 days later on Wednesday at 11:59pm. Late submissions will not be accepted for any reason.
  • The week number and range of availability for each assignment overlap but do not coincide.
  • The last column lists the total number of problems assigned during that particular week. Make sure to get them all done by the due date.
  • There are approximately 400 total problems assigned in WeBWork this semester, each problem is worth 1/2 point.
WebWork Schedule


Math Department: Update for Spring 2020: MTH111 Sakai chat tutoring is available, please see your sections Sakai announcement for days and times.

URI Academic Enhancement Center (AEC): See: https://web.uri.edu/aec/tutoring/ for more information.


Resources identified in remote learning plan

mathispower4u Inequality Lecture Notes Polynomial Inequalities Video Rational Inequalities Video Unit Circle Blank Unit Circle

Check out these websites for additional help on topics covered in class!

Embedded Math Purple Math Math - TV MathIsFun Khan Academy