MTH 525 
TuTh 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Lippitt Hall 201

Instructor:    Araceli Bonifant  
Office: Lippitt Hall 202G
Phone: 874-4394

Office Hours:


Textbook: Topology by J. Munkres, 2nd. edition

About the course: We will cover most of the first seven chapters of the text. Each class will cover roughly one or two sections. If time permits, we will cover the fundamental groups and covering spaces.
This is a challenging course. Success requires that you keep pace with the work, understand course concepts, and study effectively.

Policies: You are expected to abide by the University's civility policy:

Students are expected to be honest in all academic work. A student's name on any written work, quiz or exam shall be regarded as assurance that the work is the result of the student's own independent thought and study. Work should be stated in the student's own words, properly attributed to its source. Students have an obligation to know how to quote, paraphrase, summarize, cite and reference the work of others with integrity. The following are examples of academic dishonesty.

  • Using material, directly or paraphrasing, from published sources (print or electronic) without appropriate citation.
  • Claiming disproportionate credit for work not done independently.
  • Unauthorized possession or access to exams.
  • Unauthorized communication during exams.
  • Unauthorized use of another's work or preparing work for another student.
  • Taking an exam for another student.
  • Altering or attempting to alter grades.
  • The use of notes or electronic devices to gain an unauthorized advantage during exams.
  • Fabricating or falsifying facts, data or references.
  • Facilitating or aiding another's academic dishonesty.
  • Submitting the same paper for more than one course without prior approval from the instructors.
  • "The University of Rhode Island is committed to developing and actively protecting a class environment in which respect must be shown to everyone in order to facilitate the expression, testing, understanding, and creation of a variety of ideas and opinions. Rude, sarcastic, obscene or disrespectful speech and disruptive behavior have a negative impact on everyone's learning and are considered unacceptable. The course instructor will have disruptive persons removed from the class."

    Cell phones, Iphones, IPods, Laptos, beepers and any electronic device must be turned off in class.

    Grading Policy:

    Your grade will be determined by your scores on

  • Homework:                                  20%
  • Exam I:                                       25%     Thursday    October   16th.
  • Exam II:                                      25%     Thursday    November   20th.
  • Final:                                   30%   (cumulative)     Thursday   December   11th.    11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
  • Special Accommodations:
    Any student with a documented disability is welcome to contact me as early in the semester as possible so that we may arrange reasonable accommodations. As part of this process, please be in touch with Disability Services for Students Office at 330 Memorial Union, 401-874-2098 ( or 239 Shepard Building, Feinstein Providence Campus, 401-277-5221.