University of Rhode Island MTH316: Algebra
Spring 2017


Here is a course timetable showing exactly where we are in class. I will attempt to update it at least weekly, to give you an idea of the reading you need to do to prepare for class.

Week beginningChapterReadingNotes
Discussion of Worksheet (in groups)
2. Groups
Prerequisites: Chapter 0,"Are you ready" sheet, Intro sheet.
Read Chapters 1 and 2
First week of class.
01/303. Finite Groups and SubsetsTuesday: Read Ch3 up to end of "Subgroup tests"
Thursday: Read to end of Ch3
02/064. Cyclic GroupsTuesday: Read to end of Theorem 4.1 and its corollaries.
Thursday: No class
Class cancelled 02/09
02/134. Cyclic groupsTuesday: Read up to end of Theorem 4.2 and its corollaries.
Thursday: Read to end of Chapter 4.
02/205. Permutation GroupsTuesday: Read Ch3 up to start of "Cycle Notation"
Thursday: Read Ch5 up to Theorem 5.4.
02/275. Permutation Groups
6. Isomorphisms
Tuesday: Read Ch5 up to Table 5.1
Thursday: Read Ch6 up to Cayley's Theorem.
03/06Midterm I
6. Isomorphisms
Tuesday: Revision
Thursday: Read Ch6 up to Automorphisms
03/13Spring BreakTuesday: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Thursday: When is a group isomorphic to a proper subgroup?
Have a good one!
03/206. Isomorphisms
7. Cosets and Lagrange's Theorem
Tuesday: To the end of Ch6
Thursday: Read Ch7 up to Lagrange's Theorem
03/277. Cosets and Lagrange's Theorem
8. External Direct Products
Tuesday: Read to end of Ch7
Thursday: Read Ch8 up to Corollary 2 to Theorem 8.2
04/038. External Direct Products
9. Normal Subgroups and Factor Groups
Tuesday: Read to end of Ch8
Thursday: Read Ch9 up to section on Factor Groups