University of Rhode Island MTH316: Algebra
Spring 2017


Here is a course timetable showing exactly where we are in class. I will attempt to update it at least weekly, to give you an idea of the reading you need to do to prepare for class.

Week beginningChapterReadingNotes
09/04Welcome; Introductory worksheet.
09/112. GroupsIntroductory Worksheet
Chapters 0-2
Chapter 0 should be familiar, just read to check you know the material. Chapter 1 contains motivation; Chapter 2 is the true start of the material.
09/183. Finite Groups and SubgroupsChapter 3
09/253. SubgroupsChapter 3 (with emphasis on the latter part).
10/024. Cyclic GroupsChapter 4
10/095. Permutation GroupsChapter 5
10/166. Isomorphisms, Midterm IReread Chapters 1-4 for revisionMidterm I is on 10/19. Here is a review sheet.
10/236. IsomorphismsChapter 6
10/306. Isomorphisms
7. Cosets & Lagrange's Theorem
Chapter 6 from definition of autmorphism to the end; Chapter 7 up to Lagrange's Theorem.When is a group isomorphic to a proper subgroup of itself?
11/067. Lagrange's Theorem
8. External Direct Products
Chapter 7 from Lagrange's Theorem to end (omit "Applications of Cosets..." onwards); Chapter 8.
11/138. External Direct Products
9. Normal Subgroups and Factor Groups
Ch 8 - Theorem 8.3 up to (not including) Applications; Chapter 9 up to (not including) "Applications of Factor Groups".
11/20Midterm IIRevisionHappy Thanksgiving!
11/279. Factor Groups & Applications
10. Homomorphisms
Chapter 9 from Applications of Factor Groups, then Chapter 10 up to (not including) First Isomorphism Theorem