University of Rhode Island MTH243: Calculus in Several Variables
Spring 2016

Course Timetable

This table will be used to signify what has been covered in class, as well as supplying any additional information as it is required. I will try to update this at least weekly so that you can plan your reading to prepare for classes.

Week CommencingSections CoveredNotes
01/2512.1 Functions of two variables
12.2 Graphs and surfaces
First week of class
02/0112.3 Contours diagrams
12.4 Linear functions
02/0812.5 Functions of three variables
12.6 Continuity and limits
02/1513.1 Displacement vectors
13.2 Vectors in general
02/2213.2 Vectors in general
13.3 The dot product
02/2913.4 The cross product
14.1 The partial derivative
03/0714.2 Computing partial derivatives
14.3 Local linearity and the differential
Midterm I in class: 03/08/16
03/1414.4 Directional derivatives and gradients
14.5 Gradients in 3 dimensions
03/21Spring BreakHave a good one!
03/2814.6 Chain rule
14.7 Second order partial derivatives
04/0415.1 Critical points
15.2 Optimisation
04/1115.3 Lagrange multipliers
04/1816.1 The definite integral
16.2 Computing the definite integral
Midterm II in class: 04/21/16
04/2516.3 Triple integrals
16.4 Cylindrical coordinates
16.5 Spherical coordinates