MAT 243 (section 5) - Calculus in Several Variables

General Information

Instructor: Tom Sharland
e-mail: tsharland "at"
Lectures: TTH 12.30pm-1.45pm, Washburn 112 (section 5)
Office hours: Monday 2-3, Wednesday 2-3, Thursday 3-4 in Lippitt 200A.

Course description: MTH 243 is a multivariable calculus course, the third in the calculus program. We will focus on functions of 2 or more variables and see how the ideas covered in one variable calculus can be generalised to apply in higher dimensions. A more detailed syllabus can be found here.

Prerequisites: C- or better in MTH142.

Textbook: The course textbook is Calculus: Multivariable (6th ed.) by McCallum, Hughes-Hallet et. al. We will be using WileyPlus online homework system this semester. To sign up for the WileyPlus system, you will need a WileyPlus registration code. If you buy a copy of our textbook at the URI Bookstore, a registration code for WileyPlus will be included with the book at no additional cost. If you buy a copy somewhere else and it does not include WileyPlus code, you will need to purchase a WileyPlus code separately.

Midterm in class on 11/03. It will cover Chapters 12 and 13. No calculators or notes allowed. Here are some recommended problems.

Here are some recommended problems for the final, which will take place at 11.30-2.30 on December 15th in Washburn 112.

Course grade is computed by the following scheme:
Midterm Test: 30%
Final Exam: 50%
Homework: 20%

Late homework will never be accepted but an assignment may be excused if there is documented evidence as to why it was missed. Similarly, make-up exams will only be provided if documented evidence shows the exam was missed due to unforeseen circumstances.