University of Rhode Island MTH436: Mathematical Analysis and Topology II
Spring 2018


Here is a course timetable showing exactly where we are in class. I will attempt to update it at least weekly, to give you an idea of the reading you need to do to prepare for class that week.

Week beginningTopicsReadingNotes
01/21Welcome (back) to MTH436
5.4 Uniform Continuity
Revise your MTH435 notes.First week of class.
01/285.6 Monotone and Inverse Functions
11.4 Continuity in Metric Spaces
pp141-5;pp153-9;pp345-6Choice of topics after 11.4: either Compactness or Differentiation.
02/0511.2-3 Compactness in Metric Spaces
6.1 The Derivative
02/126.1 The Derivative
6.2 The Mean Value Theorem