University of Rhode Island MTH307: Introduction to Mathematical Rigor
Spring 2018


Here is a course timetable showing exactly where we are in class. I will attempt to update it at least weekly, to give you an idea of the reading you need to do to prepare for class.

Week beginningTopicsNotes
Beginning Logic; Statements and Connectives; Truth Tables
Section 1.1.1
01/29Conditionals; Biconditionals
Sections 1.1.2-4
02/05Useful Denials
Proofs (Direct Proofs)
Proof by Cases
Section 1.2, parts of 1.1.1-4 and 2.1.1-2
02/12More Proofs (working backwards, biconditionals, uniqueness)
Indirect Proofs (Contradiction and contrapositive)
Sections 2.1.3-5, 2.2.1-2
02/19Two Important Theorems
Mixed Quantifiers
Mathematical Induction
Sections 2.3-4, 3.1
02/26Strong Induction
Introduction to Sets, Subsets
Sections 3.2, 4.1
03/05Operations on sets
Midterm I (03/08)
Part of Section 4.2
03/12Spring BreakNo classes this week
03/19Cartesian Products and Power Sets
Arbitrary Unions and Intersections
Remainder of Section 4.2, 4.3