MTH243 Multivariable Calculus

  University of Rhode Island
  Summer 2008
Find the volume of cool and unusual geometric shapes.
Fluid flow velocity is a vector field. Vortices are localized regions of high curl.

Syllabus and Schedule Exams On the Course, and evaluation
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Instructor:    Lubos Thoma, Tyler 214

Schedule:   MoTuWeTh 8.00 -- 9.54am, Tyler 108

Exams and the Final

    Exam 1 will be given in class, Friday May 30

    Exam 2 will be given in class, Thursday June 12

    The final exam will be given in class, Thursday June 19

Description:   MTH 243 is a third calculus course, with the focus on functions of 2,3, and more variables and the extensions of the ideas of elementary calculus to higher dimensions.

Printable schedule:     pdf
Text: Hughes-Hallet, et. al., Calculus, 4rd edition, Wiley, Chapters 12--18.
Prerequisites: MTH 142  or equivalent
Calculators: A graphing calculator is required.

Grading   Your grade will be based upon the total of 410 points as follows:

The comprehensive final exam is worth 120 points. The final exam will be given during our last class June 19.

Students with disabilities:     Students who require accommodations should contact Disability Services for Students: Office of Student Life, 330 Memorial Union, 874-2098. They will determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation is confidential. Students who require accommodations and who have documentation from Disability Services for Students should make arrangements with their instructor as soon as possible.