MTH243 Multivariable Calculus

Spring  2004

Text: McCallum, Hughes-Hallet, et. al., Multivariable Calculus, THIRD EDITION
Prerequisites: MTH 142  or equivalent
Calculators: A graphing calculator is required.
Course's Web Page: You should consult this page often for current announcements, times and location of exams, practice exams, Maple assignments, and so on.

Exams:   Exam 1 will be held on Wednesday February 18, 6.00 -- 7.30 pm, in the Independence Auditorium
                Exam 1 will cover sections 12.1 -- 14.2.
                Exam 2 will be held on Wednesday March 24, 6.00 -- 7.30 pm, in the Independence Auditorium.
                Exam 2 will cover sections 14.3 -- 16.4.

                Exam 3 will be held on Wednesday April 28, 6.00 -- 7.30 pm, in the Independence Auditorium

                Final Exam will be held on Monday May 10, 3--6pm, for all sections.
                Room assignment:     Chafee 277 -- section of Prof. Thoma
                                                    Pastore 124 -- sections of Professors Finizio and dela Pena

                Spring 2004 final exam schedule

Maple:   Maple assignments will be indicated by your instructor.
                Maple worksheets for the third maple assignment are available here:   maple3.mws     maple3-edition9.mws

Calendar and Syllabus   Click below to see the sections from the text that are required and the problems suggested as homework:


Some of the sections will be thoroughly covered in class; other may be assigned for you to read. Suggested homework problems are meant as practice problems. You should attempt all of the problems and seek help if you can't solve them.

Evening Exams and the Final   There will be three evening exams scheduled on the weeks indicated in the syllabus. The exact time and location of the evening exams, as well as the final exam, will be announced in class and posted on this page.

Grading   Your grade will be based upon the following 700 points:

Three evening exams

300 points

Final exam

200 points

Instructor's assignments

200 points

As you see, each of the evening exams is worth 100 points, the comprehensive final exam, which will be scheduled during the final exam period, is worth 200 points. The remaining 200 points will be based on quizzes, homework, and Maple assignments. Your instructor will discuss in class the specifics. Maple worksheets can be downloaded from the links on this page.

Maple Worksheets   We will continue our work with Maple in this course. This powerful software is particularly useful in multivariable calculus to visualize graphs and surfaces in three dimensions. Below are links to Maple worksheets for MTH 243. Your instructor will assign selected worksheets to be graded. You may find it useful to look at all of them. To open the worksheets you need a copy of Maple on the machine you are working on. Maple is available in all URI computer labs. You may purchase a student copy to install on your personal computer.
Download "Graphs of Functions of Two Variables "(graphs.mws)
Download "Contour Diagrams" (contours.mws)
Download "Partial Derivatives and Tangent Planes" (tangent.mws)
Download "Gradients, Directional Derivatives and Rates of Change" (gradients.mws)
Download "Lagrange Multipliers" (lagrange.mws)
Download "Double Integrals" (doubint7.mws)
Download "Parametric Curves and Surfaces" (parsur.mws)
Download "Graphics Showcase" (show.mws)

Information on Maple 9:   If you are using Maple 9 (for example in the library), let maple 9 to translate the worksheets from our web page into the maple9 format. Then the worksheets will work fine.

A general info on maple worksheets:   When transferred over internet (including email), any maple worksheet must be treated as a binary file. Also, the name for the number pi in maple is 'Pi'. 'pi' is used to name a number theoretic function and will give you an error message (usually 'not able to evaluate your fuction' message).

Available Help   In addition to your instructor's office hours, the Mathematics Department has an extensive system of walk-in help sessions scheduled in Roosevelt Hall. You can find the schedule by clicking on the link below.
Our Maple helpers are available at the Mathematics Department CyberLab, Tyler Hall, Room 101. The schedule is obtainable through the Mathematics Department Office or from this link

Schedule of tutoring hours and maple helpers