MTH215 Intro to Linear Algebra

Summer 2005

Instructor: Lubos Thoma
Office: Tyler Hall 214, tel: 874.4451
Class Schedule:   TuTh 6.00 -- 9.45pm;   Shepard Building Providence
Office hours:   TuTh before class in Shepard Building, Providence, and by appointment

Important dates -- homework, exams:

Tutoring: Tutors are available at both the Providence and Kingston campuses. Check the link for specific hours. You can also make an individual appointment with me.

Syllabus:   postscript   pdf       A detailed schedule and a list of suggested problems can be found   here.

Textbook:   J. Fraleigh, R. Beauregard, Linear Algebra, third edition, Addison - Wesley Publ. 1995

Topics to be covered:   Matrices and systems of linear equations, linear transformations, vector spaces, bases, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, orthogonality.

Programs for Linear Algebra:   Since the methods of linear algebra are widely applicable, there are many programs for linear algebra. Our textbook contains a disk with program LINTEK. There are several program systems widely available: Matlab, Maple, and Mathematica.
To supplement our class material, you can find several Maple worksheets demonstrating concepts covered in class here.