MTH 131   Applied Calculus I

ONLINE     Summer   2012

Instructors: Lubos Thoma, Li Wu                  
Office: Lippitt Hall 101

Description:   MTH 131 is a calculus course primarily intended for students in life or social sciences. The main emphasis will be on the practical interpretation of calculus in numerical, graphical, and algebraic terms, although important theoretical concepts will also be covered. The main topics of the course are functions, differentiation, integration and applications.

Objectives:   At the conclusion of this semester you will be able to:

  1. understand and use the concept of a function of one variable, read and interpret graphs and tables for functions,
  2. use linear, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and periodic functions, use these in applications such as describing the exponential growth and decay,
  3. interpret and estimate the first and second derivatives of a function,
  4. algebraically compute the first and second derivatives of a function,
  5. calculate critical points and inflection points of a function and use the derivative test to determine local extrema, use these techniques in applied problems,
  6. understand and use the concept of the definite integral, calculate Riemann sums to estimate definite integrals,
  7. derive anti-derivatives algebraically.

Syllabus, schedule, and class materials:     Please login into sakai at URI.

Textbook:   Hughes-Hallet, et. al., Applied Calculus, 4th edition, with WileyPlus. You must have the textbook and WileyPlus access by Monday May 21, 2012.

Exams:   There will be two midterm exams and a final exam. All exams will be given in evenings on Kingston campus. If you register for the class, you need to be able to take the evening exams on campus as scheduled. The exams are scheduled as follows:

WileyPlus:   We will be using WileyPlus online homework system this semester. To sign up for the WileyPlus system, you will need a WileyPlus registration code. If you buy a copy of our textbook at the URI Bookstore, a registration code for WileyPlus will be included with the book at no additional cost. If you buy a copy somewhere else and it does not include WileyPlus code, you will need to purchase a WileyPlus code separately. The cost of a registration code at the Wiley site: WileyPlus is about $50.
You can find registration instructions under 'WileyPlus' in Sakai.

Calculator:   A graphing calculator is required. Calculators may not be permitted for parts of exams.

Accommodations: Any student with a documented disability is welcome to contact me as early in the semester as possible so that we may arrange reasonable accommodations. As part of this process, please be in touch with Disability Services for Students Office at 330 Memorial Union, 401-874-2098.