MTH 111   Precalculus

Summer I   2010

Instructor: Lubos Thoma
Office: Lippit Hall 102H,   tel: 874.4451
Class Schedule: TuTh 6.00 -- 9.45pm, Tyler Hall 106 (Section 1000)
                             MTuWTh 12.00 -- 1.45pm, Lippitt Hall 204 (Section 1100)

Description:   The primary goal of MTH 111 is to prepare you for further courses in mathematics, especially calculus.The calculus sequence is often an essential step toward degree and career objectives, so MTH 111 is also such a step. Thus MTH 111 is aimed at the student for whom it will be the first of an important series of courses rather than a last math course. This course is NOT a good choice simply to fulfill a general education requirement. It demands a very substantial amount of hard work for 3 credits.

Non-URI students should be sure to have prior approval from their own schools to guarantee that credits will transfer.

Syllabus, lecture notes, and homework:     Please login into sakai at URI.

Textbooks:   Just-In-Time Algebra and Trigonometry (3rd Edition), Mueller and Brent. 
                     Fundamentals of Precalculus (2nd edition), Dugopolski.
                     (Note: These two texts are packaged together in the bookstore. You will need both of them. )

Calculator:   A graphing calculator is required.

Prerequisites:   You are expected to have a reasonable grasp of the two years of high school algebra and elementary trigonometry. Read the information sheet.

Accommodations: Any student with a documented disability is welcome to contact me as early in the semester as possible so that we may arrange reasonable accommodations. As part of this process, please be in touch with Disability Services for Students Office at 330 Memorial Union, 401-874-2098.