A list of classes I taught

University of Rhode Island


reading course: Computational topology and topological data analysis         Spring 2018
tutorial: Regularity, Szemeredi's lemma, and applications         Spring 2012
mth692 Special Topics II: Probability on Discrete Structures         Spring 2012
mth692 Special Topics II: Algorithmic Algebraic Geometry         Spring 2012
mth692 Special Topics II: Graph Theory         Spring 2006
mth691 Special Topics I: Polynomial Methods in Discrete Mathematics         Fall 2010
mth550 Probability and Stochastic Processes         Fall 2018
mth548/csc548 Graph Theory         Spring 2017
mth547/csc547 Combinatorics         Fall 2006
mth516 Algebra II         Spring 2012
mth515 Algebra I         Spring 2017
mth513 Linear Algebra         Fall 2002
          Discrete Mathematics Seminar         Spring 2016
mth591/592 Special Problems         Fall 2011


hpr401/402 Honors Project         Fall 2006 / Spring 2007
hpr321 Honors Tutorial in Mathematics: Putnam Seminar (Honors Program)         Fall 2008
mth131 Applied Calculus I   (online)         Summer 2012
mth492 Special Problems         Summer 2004
mth451 Introduction to Probability and Statistics         Fall 2016
mth447/csc447 Discrete Mathematical Structures         Fall 2013
mth393 Undergraduate Seminar: Putnam Seminar         Fall 2005
mth391 Special Problems: Coding and Information Theory         Fall 2004
mth382 Number Theory         Spring 2006
mth316 Algebra         Spring 2014
mth243 Calculus for Functions of Several Variables         Spring 2018
mth215 Introduction to Linear Algebra         Summer 2005
mth180 Mathematical Tools for Computing         Fall 2018
mth142 Intermediate Calculus with Analytic Geometry         Summer 2017
mth131 Applied Calculus I         Spring 2016
mth111 Precalculus         Summer 2013

Carnegie Mellon University

21.610 Algebra I (graduate)         Spring 2001         Spring 1999
21.441 Number Theory         Fall 2000         Spring 2000
21.374 Field Theory         Spring 2000         Spring 1999
21.301 Combinatorial Analysis         Fall 1998        
21.112 Calculus II for humanities         Fall 1999        
21.111 Calculus I for humanities         Fall 2000