Combinatorics Seminar

Spring 2010 -- Wednesdays at 1 pm

Lippitt Hall    Room L204

  March 26--28       
CoNE Revisited: Celebrating the Inspirations of Michael O. Albertson
Smith College, Northampton MA
  May 10--14       
NetSci 2010 -- The International School and Conference on Network Science
MIT and Northeastern University,Cambridge and Boston MA
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         Spring 2010
  February 3            Organizational meeting
  February 10            Snow cancellation
  February 17        D. Richmond     Reporting on: Graphs with a knot or 3-component link in every spatial embedding by J. Foisy
(Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, vol. 15(9) 2006, 1113-1118)
  February 24        S. Joseph     Broadcast scheduling problem
  March 3        Z. Kudlak     Generalized edge colorings of graphs
  March 24            Spring break
  March 31        J. Fehribach
Kirchhoff graphs                    postponed due to flood
  April 7        M. Krul     Reporting on: On the existence of distinct length zero-sum subsequences by B. Girard
  April 14        J. Fehribach
Kirchhoff graphs                    Flyer
  April 28        C. Phifer     Introduction to matchings: Hall's theorem

         Fall 2009
  September 23        M. Krul     Reporting on: Combinatorial Nullstellensatz by N. Alon
  October 7        A. Gilbert     Reporting on: Colorings and orientations of graphs by N. Alon and M. Tarsi
  October 14        A. Gilbert     continued
  October 28        M. Heissan     Reporting on: The list chromatic index of a bipartite multigraph by F. Galvin
  November 4        M. Heissan     continued
  November 11            no seminar
  November 25        A. Gerheim     Reporting on: Tolerance intersection graphs on binary trees with constant tolerance 3 by R. E. Jamison and H. M. Mulder
  December 2        J. Jones     Reporting on: Three thresholds for a liar by J. Spencer and P. Winkler, and
On playing "twenty questions" with a liar by A. Dhagat, P. Gacs, and P. Winkler
  December 9        W. Kook