Combinatorics Seminar

Spring 2007 -- Wednesdays at 1 p.m.

Tyler Hall Conference Room

         Spring 2007

         We will be reading the book 'Graphs and homomorphisms' by P. Hell and J. Nesetril.

  January 31        L. Thoma     Sections 1.1, 1.2
  February 7        C. Libis     On Magic Squares
  February 14        L. Thoma     Section 1.3
  February 21        L. Thoma     Section 1.4
  February 28        L. Thoma     Section 1.4
  March 7        G. Tiner On the Erdos-Sos conjecture
  March 14        E. Lamagna     Beware! -- Gremlins are lurking in your computer algebra system
  March 21            Spring break
  March 28            Departmental Meeting
  April 4        N. Finizio     Specializations of Whist Tournament Designs I
  April 11            Departmental Meeting
  April 18            Colloquium
  April 25            Colloquium
  April 30 (Monday)        E. Glatt     Modular Frankl-Wilson Theorem: Prime and Not-Prime Moduli