University of Rhode Island MTH 111: PreCalculus
Spring 2013


This course will use an on-line homework system, MyMathLab . It is an essential part of the course and is not optional. It will count as 75 points out of the 700 total points. Moreover, regular use of this system will provide you with the practice needed to do well on the exams.

Signing up for MyMathLab:
  • Go to MyMathLab website and click on "Student" under "Register".
  • You have to enter your course id in the next window. This will depend on which section (instructor) you have enrolled in. Please use the appropriate course id from the following table (based on your instructor). Please make sure that the instructor name and section is correctly shown on the next window.
  • Section Instructor Course Id
    2 and 3 F. Palladinopalladino73226
    4 and 5 D. McArdle mcardle02871
    6 and 11 C. Staniszewski staniszewski39039
    7 and 10 P. Georgeprasanth77396
    8 and 9 T. Valletta valletta02751
    Sec Assignment Name Due Date
    1.4, 1.5, 1.6 Straight Lines, Functions 02/19/2013
    1.7, 1.8, 1.9 Functions 02/19/2013
    App A.1 Functions 02/19/2013
    2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 Quadratic Functions, Polynomials 03/26/2013
    2.6, 2.7 Polynomials, Rational Functions 03/26/2013
    Chapter 4 Exp and Log Functions 04/17/2013
    3.1, 3.2 Trig-I04/17/2013
    3.3, 3.5 Trig-II04/30/2013
  • Next set up a Pearson account. Use your URI email for email address and this will be your username by default. (If you use Pearson software for another class you may be using a different login, so please remember that your URI email is your username for MyMathLab)
  • Fill the remaining fields and "Create Account"
  • On the next window click on "Access Code" and enter the access code that you got with the text book packet. If you are using an old/used book, you can also purchase an access code on the same page to complete your registration. Please note that access codes are not transferrable. If you are repeating MTH 111 at URI sign in using your existing Pearson login and password and enter the new course id to access the MTH 111 course for this semester.
  • Click on "Do your homework" and you will see all the homework sets for this semester including deadlines once you sign in.
If you face any technical difficulties with mymathlab (setting up account or logging in) please email Jackie Senich at and she will help you.