University of Rhode Island    Department of Mathematics

MTH 141  Calculus I  Summer 2003
Introductory Calculus with Analytic Geometry

Text : Hughes-Hallet, et. al., Calculus (THIRD Edition)
Prerequisites : Precalculus MTH111 or equivalent
Calculators : A graphing calculator is required
Instructor: Dr. Orlando Merino,, 874-4442, Tyler Hall 220.
Syllabus and Schedule How to succeed Goals and Objectives
Evaluation Maple Info FAQ - Frequently asked questions
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This is the first calculus course for students of engineering, mathematics, science and other areas of study that require a strong mathematical background. In MTH 141 we shall explore in depth the idea of rate of change of a function and its applications to problems in physics, geometry, chemistry and biology. We will approach new ideas and problems from algebraic, graphical, and numerical points of view.

How to Succeed in MTH141 - Summer session

Goals and Objectives.

The goals are to have you develop symbol manipulation skills, mathematical modelling skills, skills in the use of technology to treat mathematical problems that involve the concepts of rate of change and derivative, an understanding of the language of calculus, and an appreciation for the uses of calculus in the sciences.

There will be several Modeling Projects that involve the use of the software Maple. The course grade will be computed as follows:

Course grade =  ( 15 E1 + 15 E2 + 30 FE + 10 MP + 30 CW ) / 100

Key: E1 = Exam 1, E2 = Exam 2, E3 = Exam 3, FE = Final Exam, MP = Maple/Modeling Projects, CW = Class Work.  Class Work may include collected homework, quizzes, or other.

Maple Information
We will use the software Maple in this course. The Maple software is available in most computer labs at both URI Maple is a powerful computer algebra system that can perform the most complicated calculations and draw spectacular graphics at the touch of the button. Knowledge of software like Maple should help you in your future professional career as well as in understanding material in calculus.

Our work with Maple will be organized into Maple Worksheets. You will be able to download the worksheets from this web page at any of the URI computer labs or to your home computer if you have a personal copy of Maple. Student Edition of Maple is readily available at bookstores and over the Internet. The student edition is reasonably priced and you may choose to purchase it for your convenience. If you already have a copy of Maple Release 5, you will be able to use it. We will make sure that our worksheets are compatible with Release 5.

There will be help with Maple available at one of the URI computer labs. The hours and names of people who will be helping you will be posted on this page as soon as they are scheduled. There is a system that will allow you to submit your Maple homework electronically.

Maple Worksheets

Below are instructions that you may find helpful when getting started with your first Maple assignment.

Below is a list of Maple worksheets for Calculus I. Your instructor will tell you which of them  will be assigned as your Maple homework.  Others may be added to this list. 

If you open a worksheet with Maple 7, the program will ask you if you want the worksheet updated to Release 7 of Maple. Click on "YES".  The following worksheets will help you get aquainted with maple.  They are not suitable to hand in for homework.

  Your instructor will assign some of the following and give you details as to which ones you may choose, and when they are due to be submitted.

Attendance,quizzes, homework
I will not take attendance.  There will be a quiz on Tuesdays. You are suppose to work out the  suggested problems immediately after we cover the material in class. Also, check the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of the course's web site, where you will find information about Incomplete Grade, Second Grade Option, etc.

Special Accomodations
Students who need special accomodations and who have documentation from Disability Services  should make arrangements with Dr. Merino as soon as possible

URI Civility Policy
Teachers at the University of Rhode Island are committed to developing and actively protecting a class environment in which respect must be shown to everyone in order to facilitate the expression, testing, understanding, and creation of a variety of ideas and opinions. Rude, sarcastic, obscene or disrespectful speech and disruptive behavior have a negative impact on everyone's learning and are cosidered unacceptable. The course instructor will have disruptive persons removed from the class.