MTH 592 Technology and Mathematical Communication

Spring 2005 - Department of Mathematics, University of Rhode Island

Instructor: Prof. O. Merino, Tyler 220, (401) 874 4442,

Units: 1  credits.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor

Meets: Tyler 101 lab. Time and day to be announced.

Evaluation: 40% homework, 50% final project, 10% attendance.

  • About the course This course is about  methods of communicating mathematics with emphasis on technology. The course is intended primarily for mathematics graduate students,  for senior undergraduate students of mathematics or math-education. Graduate students of other areas may take the course with permission of the instructor. 

    Topics Techniques of written, oral and electronic communication or mathematics, with emphasis on the use of technology. Some topics are web page design for mathematics communication, hypertext, internet,  \LaTeX,  computer algebra systems, use of graphing calculators in mathematics instruction, video clip production, mathematical presentations with technology. There will be great flexibility in selection of topics. Every student will be expected to master the design of web pages with emphasis on mathematical communication, in addition to other topics of the student's choosing.

    Evaluation The final grade is computed as follows: Assignments (70%), Final Project (20%), and attendance (10%).