MTH 244 Differential Equations - Section 1

Spring 2003 MWF 12:00 - 1:00

Prof. Orlando Merino,, Tyler 220, 874 4442


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On the course:  MTH 244 is the first course in Ordinary Differential Equations. We will study mathematical techniques involving differential equations used in the analysis of physical, biological and economic phenomena. Emphasis is placed on the use of established methods, rather than rigorous foundations.
We shall emphasize to those methods that are capable of broad applications and that can be extended to various problems. The methods to be discussed include not only elementary analytical techniques that lead to exact solutions of certain classes of problems, but also include approximations based on numerical algorithms or series expansions, as well as qualitative or geometric methods. The main topics are: First and second order differential equations. Series solutions of second order linear equations.The Laplace transform. Numerical methods.

Textbook: N.J. Finizio and G. Ladas, Ordinary Differential Equations with Modern Applications, 3rd. Ed., Simon & Schuster Custom Pub, 1999.

Homework: I expect you to work at least 6 hours outside of class for every week worth of material. Homework is assigned but not collected. I encourage questions on the homework at the beginning of class.

Maple projects: We will have several Maple projects. If you do not have experience with Maple you may set up an appointment with me to review the basics.

Evaluation: Your grade will be based on two tests, quizzes, maple projects, and a final exam as follows:

 		       Four Tests             400 pts 

 		       Maple Projects         200 pts 

 		       Final Exam (*) 	  	  200 pts

How to get help: You may come to office hours (TBA), send questions by email, or call me at my office anytime. Appointments outside my office hours are also possible.

Special Accomodations: Students who require accommodations and who have documentation from Disability Services (874-2098) should make arrangements with me as soon as possible.

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