MTH 535 Measure Theory and Integration

Department of Mathematics, University of Rhode Island


Orlando Merino,, 874-4442, Lippitt Hall 101C


M, W  3 p.m. Lippitt Hall 203


Adams, M. and Guillemin, V., Measure Theory and Probability, latest Edition, Birkauser, Boston,  supplemented by handouts


MTH 435-436 or permission of the instructor

About the Course

This course is an introduction to real analysis at the graduate level, particularly integration theory and its applications to Fourier analysis, probability theory and other mathematical areas. This course can be regarded as a continuation of MTH 435-436 with the same level of rigor. It should useful to well-prepared students of electrical engineering, physics or statistics as well as students of mathematics.


Homework (50%), Midterm Exam (20%), Final Exam (30%)