MTH 215 Linear Algebra

Fall 2006  -  Department of Mathematics, URI

O. Merino — Section 1 — 10 a.m. MWF — Wales Hall 226

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Project 1 (Due Oct 25, in class)


This is an undergraduate course in Linear Algebra for students of engineering, science and mathematics. Linear Algebra is the study of linear systems of equations, vector spaces, and linear transformations. Solving systems of linear equations is at the heart of virtually every mathematical procedure for solving problems arising in science and engineering.  In this class we will concentrate on the mathematical theory and methods of linear algebra.  Prerequisite: mth 141 or  mth131


Linear Algebra , 3rd edition, by R. Beauregard and J. Fraleigh.  Addison-Wesley, 1995.


We expect that you have a graphing calculator and are familiar with its use. A TI-83 or equivalent is fine. Calculator use may be restricted on some exams since more advanced calculators, like the TI-89 can do some of the computations that we expect you to learn to do with just pencil and paper.  We will use Maple in this class, and some Maple assignments will be collected.


Homework will be assigned after each section. Each day we will spend time going over homework problems. You are responsible for all problems assigned, see the calendar for a list of problems associated with each section. I will collect and grade selected problems. I will notified you in class as to which problems I will collect.

Homework must be stapled, have your name, list of problems, and chapter and section number. I will not grade any homework that you hand in that does not follow these rules. I will not accept messy homework. I will not accept any late homework. Also, a grade of zero will be assigned to incomplete homework assignments with answers copied from the back of the book


There will be 2 exams given during normal class time, on the following dates: Friday, October 6, and Wednesday, Nov. 15.  Your grade will be calculated according to the following weights:

           Final exam=33%   exams ave.=33%  class work=33%

Here “class work” includes homework, quizzes, Maple projects, and special assignments.

Important point: the MTH 215 instructor expects from you to ...

  1. do the problems suggested in the syllabus immediately after the corresponding section is discussed in class.  If possible, additional problems should be attempted.

  1. give this course 6 hours per week, in addition to class time. Some students will need to spend more time. This is an approximate figure of course, but don't assume that you can spend less time than this and still get a grade you'll like.

Instructors’ office hours, specific policy on attendance, classwork, makeups, etc ...

All of these will be given in the first meeting.

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