MTH 142 Intermediate Calculus

Fall 2006  -  Department of Mathematics, URI

B. Briden (Section 1)      G. Faubert (Sections 2, 3)       O. Merino (Section 4)

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Exam 3 on WEDNESDAY, December 6th, at 6:00 p.m. will be given in EAST HALL AUDITORIUM (all sections)

FINAL EXAM: DECEMBER 19, at 11:30 a.m., WALES 223, 224, 226.


This is the second calculus course for students of engineering, mathematics, science and other areas of study that require a strong mathematical background. It is a direct continuation of MTH141 (this is the prerequisite).


The text for the course is: Single Variable Calculus, Concepts and Contexts , 2nd edition. James Stewart. Brooks/Cole 2001. (This is the same text used for both Calculus I and Calculus II in Spring 2006)


We expect that you have a graphing calculator and are familiar with its use. A TI-83 or equivalent is fine. Calculator use may be restricted on some exams since more advanced calculators, like the TI-89 can do some of the calculus computations that we expect you to learn to do with just pencil and paper.  We will use Maple in this class, and some Maple assignments will be collected.


There will be 3 exams given in the evening (6 PM), outside of class, and common to all sections, on the following dates: October 4, November 8, and December 6.  Your grade will be calculated as follows:

           FINAL GRADE = 0.30 (Final exam) + 0.45 (exams ave.) + 0.25 (class work).

Here “class work” includes homework, quizzes, Maple projects, and special assignments.

Important point: the MTH 142 instructor expects from you to ...

  1. do the problems suggested in the syllabus immediately after the corresponding section is discussed in class.  If possible, additional problems should be attempted.

  1. give this course 6-8 hours per week, in addition to class time. Some students will need to spend more time. This is an approximate figure of course, but don't assume that you can spend less time than this and still get a grade you'll like.

  1. have a good grasp of MTH 141, and that you will review material from Calculus I as needed.

Read this if you want to do well in this class...

*Do not miss class*.  This is key to getting a high grade in MTH142.
Plan to spend 6-8 hours per week outside of class.  Some students will need more time.
Preview the text before lecture to get a general idea of what will be discussed. Do not try to understand all of it at this stage.
Review your class notes on the day of the lecture and before the next lecture.
Reread text carefully going through the examples step by step.
Attempt all suggested exercises before the next lecture, and write your answers in a notebook reserved for this purpose. Some students may want more practice. All odd numbered exercises have answers in the back of the text.
Submit assignments in neat hand-writing, well organized, and with clearly labeled problems. Show all your work. Staple multiple pages. Hand them in on time.
The schedule will allow you to begin studying for tests a week ahead of time. Take advantage of this.

Instructors’ office hours, specific policy on attendance, classwork, homework, makeups, etc ...

All of these will be given in the first meeting.

Extra Help

Information on tutoring help and office hours will be given in class.

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