Linear Algebra

(MTH 513, Fall 2003)

Prerequisite:Calculus, undergraduate Linear Algebra, or permission from the instructor.

Reference Books:

Course Description:

This course is designed for graduate students in mathematics, engineering, finance, and computer science. Major topics are:

Vector Spaces (material will be provided)
Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, similarity (Chapter 1)
Unitary equivalence and some special matrices (Chapter 2, 4)
Canonical forms (Chapter 3)
Topics (from Chapter 5,6,7)

Grading Policy:

Weekly homework 40%
Exam 1 20%. (Oct 8th)
Exam 2 20%. (Nov 19th)
Final 20%. (Dec 15, 3:00pm-6:00pm)

o     Enjoy MTH 513 and Enjoy this semester!     o