--- Li     Wu ---

Advanced Engineering Mathematics
(MTH 362-01, Fall 2007)

Prerequisite: MTH 142.


MTH362 Advance Engineering Mathematics (Calendar and Syllabus)
Grading Policy:

Class work: 150 points. (weekly quizzes are given on Fridays, I'll drop the lowest one at the end of the semester)
Exam 1: 100 points. October 5th.
Exam 2: 100 points. November 14th.
Final Exam: 150 points. 11:30am-2:30pm, Dec 14th.
Total: 150+100+100+150=500 points.

Homework: Homework problems are assigned in the syllabus. You should do ALL of them if you want to do better in exams and quizzes. Although you are not required to hand in homework, you are welcome to bring questions to me in the beginning of each class.

o     Enjoy MTH 362 and Enjoy this semester!     o