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Calculus III (MTH 243-03 Spring 2008)

Textbook: James Stewart, Multivariable Calculus Concept and Context, 4th edition.

Final Exam: May 7th, Wed, 8-11am, INDP AUD.

Grading Policy: Final Exam 150pt; Exams 200pt; Class work 150pt; Maple projects 50pt. Total 550pt.

Class Work:

  • Quizzes: You will be given a 10-point quiz on every Thursday in the weeks without exams. Quiz problems are from homework problems and examples given in class with number changes. There are no makeup quizzes. But I'll drop the lowest 1 for you at the end of this semester.

  • Homework: Homework problems are given in the SYLLABUS. You should do ALL of them if you want to do well at exams and quizzes. Although you are not required to hand in homework, you are welcome to bring questions to class, and if you want me to grade some of your homework problems, please feel free to hand them in. Even though there will be no credit for homework, I do encourage you to try those problems because doing homework is the the best way to digest what you learned in class!

  • Maple Worksheets: There are two Maple projects in this semester. I'll assign them in class, and you can reach Maple in any open computer lab too.

    Course Schedule and Syllabus: MTH243 Syllabus

    o     Enjoy Cal III, and Enjoy this semester!     o