Applied Calculus (MTH 131, Spring 2017)

MTH131 Applied Calculus Spring 2017 Calendar and Syllabus



MTH131 FINAL EXAM will be held at 7:00-10:00pm, Thursday May 4th, 2017.  

All sections are in CBLS100

Final Exam is comprehensive.

Course Description
MTH131 is a calculus course primarily intended for students in life or social sciences, such as biology, pharmacy, and economics. Much emphasis will be placed on the practical interpretation of calculus in mumerical, graphical, and algebraic terms. The main topics of the course are functions, differentiation, integration and applications.

Textbook and Calculators:
TEXT BOOK: Hughes-Hallett, et. al. (5th), Applied Calculus, with WileyPLUS.
( ISBN: 9781119006299)
CALCULATOR: A graphing calculator is required. Be sure to bring your graphing calculator to class and regular exams.

Exams :
          Gateway Exam:   during the first class of MTH131.

          There are three evening exams and one final exam. Three exams are currently scheduled as
    Exam I: 6-7:30pm,   Thursday,   February 23,    Chafee. 271
    Exam II: 6-7:30pm,   Thursday,   March 23,    Chafee. 271
    Exam III: 6-7:30pm,   Thursday,   April 20,    Chafee. 271
    Final Exam: TBA

The following policies apply to all exams, and no exceptions will be made.

  • You must have a URI Photo ID with you to take an exam, and show it to the proctor as you hand in your exam.
  • No books, bags, papers, extra scrap paper, or anything else may be taken with you to your seat. If you bring any of these items with you, you must leave them at the front of the room.
  • Graphic calculators are allowed on exams, but sharing calculators is not permitted.
  • No cellphones, MP3 players, or any electronic devices of any kind may be used or even accessible to you at any time during the exam. Any student found with any cell phone or electronic device for ANY REASON during an exam is cheating.
  • You may not ask any questions during the exam; understanding the questions is a part of the exam. If you think there is a typo or error, do the best that you can with the given information.
  • You may not leave the room then return during the exam. Remember to use the bathroom before the exam. If you leave the room for any reason, your exam will be collected.
  • Once finished, you must hand your exam to a proctor (your instructor, if in the room) and show your URI photo ID.
  • You are advised to bring multiple pencils to the exams, just in case. Do NOT use a pen.

The following policies apply to all Make-up exams, and no exceptions will be made.

  • Makeup exams may be scheduled in the event you are unable to attend the evening exams under the following conditions. Note in particular that if you must miss the exam because of a scheduling conflict, you must notify your instructor before, not after, the exam, and emergencies require you to contact your instructor within 24 hours.
  • If your reason for missing the exam as scheduled is:
    • (i) a University santioned event for which verifiable documentation can be provided (including another scheduled class), or
    • (ii) a responsibility to an employer that cannot be rescheduled (with documentation from your employer), then you MUST INFORM YOUR INSTRUCTOR 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF THE EXAM AND PROVIDE DOCUMENTATION.
    Such events are scheduled in advance, so you must provide advanced notice to your instructor in order to have a makeup exam. Failure to provide this advanced notice will result in a grade of 0 for the exam. No exceptions. Makeup exams must be scheduled after the actual exam, and preferably before the class period when exams are to be handed back, but no later than two class days (excluding weekends and holidays) after the actual exam.
  • If the reason for missing the exam as scheduled is due to:
    • (i) illness (with verifiable documentation from a medical provider), or
    • (ii) an emergency (with appropriate documentation), then you MUST INFORM YOUR INSTRUCTOR WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE EXAM and provide documentation upon your return.
    Failure to notify your instructor within 24 hours will result in a 0 for the exam. No exceptions. Makeup exams may be scheduled no later than two class days (excluding weekends and holidays) after the actual exam, unless the illness or emergency precludes this, in which case the makeup exam will be given on a common date during the last few weeks of the semester.
  • If your circumstances do not meet either of the above (no documentation, a non-emergency excuse without sufficient notice, etc.), then you will receive a zero for the missed exam. No exceptions.

Pre-Calculus Enhancement Project (PCE Project)
During the first regularly scheduled class, all students will take a gateway exam.
The Gateway exam consists of 20 pre-calculus problems to be completed within 45 minutes. There is no partial credit, and the exam is graded as either pass or fail. If you fail or miss the gateway exam, you will be automatically recruited to the Pre-Calculus Enhancement Project (" MTH131-PCE-Spring2017" ) (set up in Sakai)

Scoring. If you pass the gateway exam, you will receive 60 points, counted to the overall point total for this course. If you do not pass or miss the gate way exam, you will be added to the PCE project. This project will offer you six mini online lessons to fresh up and strengthen your pre-calculus skills and gain up to 60 points by taking six (6) 10-point online quizzes. All the points from these six quizzes will be counted to the overall course points.

Since 60 points of the total available 660 points is over 9% of the total points, not passing the gateway exam and not taking the PCE project will essentially lower your final course grade by about a letter grade.

Purpose. Pre-calculus skills are essential to calculus courses. The PCE project is to provide a more focused online environment for URI students who are likely unprepared for this course. This project provides an opportunity in which students can enhance their math skills on their own pace, and to succeed in all calculus classes. All mini lectures are designed following the pace of course syllabus, and they will be ready to take in your Sakai account, under site " MTH131-PCE-Spring2017" .

WileyPLUS Online Homework System
You will be given weekly homework assignment on WileyPlus Online Homework System.
All HWs due 11:00pm, the Monday right after the lecture week. All late submissions are accepted with 50% points deduction. HW4 will be given separately, no in WileyPlus.

We will be using WileyPLUS online homework system in this course. To sign up for this system, you will need a WileyPlus registration code.
(1) If you buy a new text book, make sure to buy the book bundled with WileyPlus code. (ISBN: 9781118865590)
(2) If you buy an used book, you need to buy the WileyPlus registration code separately. You can directly purchase the code from WileyPlus website for about $90; You can also buy the code alone from URI book store. .
(3) WileyPlus code also offers you with (a) electronic version of the text book in your WileyPlus account; (b) bindered text book at a lower price.

You register for the WileyPLUS system by going to the URL that is unique to your section of MTH 131, so do not sign up for WileyPLUS until you are SURE which section of MTH 131 your are taking. Click on the link below to access the list of WleyPLUS Student Registration URLs for all sections of MTH 131. Make sure you sign up for the right section!

Student Registration for WileyPLUS

For more information, visit      WILEYPLUS INSTRUCTION        Tutorial on Registration

Tutoring Schedule
AEC Math Walk-In help:    Roosevelt Hall   4th level
AEC Walk-In Help Schedule

Grading Policy :
Total 660 points, based on three exams, classwork, Homework, PCE, and the final exam.

    Three exams: 300 points;
    Final exam: 150 points;
    Pre-Calculus Enhancement Project: 60 points,
    WileyPlus Homework: 100 points,
    Class work (quizzes): 50 points.

A rough guideline for grading is as follows:

A (92% - 100%), A- (90% - 91%), B+ (87% - 89%), B (82% - 86%), B- (80% - 81%),
C+ (77% - 79%), C (72% - 76%), C- (70% - 71%), D+ (67% - 69%), D (60% - 66%), F (0% - 59%)

University'sCivility Policy: In accordance with the University's civility policy, cell phones, IPods, beepers and any electronic devices must be turned off during exams. The only exception are graphing calculators.

Accommodations:   Any student with a documented disability is welcome to contact me as early in the semester as possible so that we may arrange reasonable accommodations. As part of this process, please be in touch with Disability Services for Students Office at 330 Memorial Union, 401-874-2098.

Attendance: Required!
MTH131 Applied Calculus Spring2017 Calendar and Syllabus

o     Enjoy MTH 131 and Enjoy this semester!     o